How to Stop Gambling on Online Slots

how to stop gambling on online slots

Gambling is a fun pastime, but it can quickly turn into a destructive addiction. If you find yourself chasing losses, spending money that you don’t have and putting your financial security at risk, it is time to seek help. This article offers some tools to help you break the cycle.

It is important to be aware of the symptoms of gambling addiction, as they can be hard to spot. The most common signs include a desire to gamble more and more, increasing the amount you wager, and a feeling of inability to stop. Many people also experience feelings of anxiety, depression or guilt after gambling. In addition, some may begin to neglect family and friends. These are all symptoms of a problem that should be addressed immediately.

The first step to overcoming an online gambling addiction is to recognize that you have a problem. Then, you can take steps to gain control of your gambling habits. There are several options available to you, including a self-exclusion program and apps that block gambling sites. If you decide to self-exclude, be sure to choose an app that also blocks social media and other triggering websites.

If you are a heavy online slots player, it’s important to understand the impact that gambling has on brain chemistry. Even small wins trigger a burst of dopamine, our natural reward chemical. This is why it can be so hard to quit gambling, even when you know it’s not a good idea. It’s even more difficult to quit when you have a lot of money on the line.

Another way to prevent online gambling addiction is to make sure you’re playing with a trustworthy casino. You should look into the gaming site’s reputation and customer service. Also, avoid casinos that have low payout limits or aren’t regulated by an official body. A reputable online gambling website will have a secure payment system and guarantee swift payouts.

You can also use a free browser extension to protect your online gambling. This extension, known as Freedom, is designed to eliminate addictive online behaviors by blocking the websites that cause you to gamble. It works on all devices and operating systems, and it lets you set recurring blocking sessions to protect yourself from gambling websites during times of the day when you are most vulnerable.

You can also ask the casino to put you on their banned list. This can be an effective deterrent, especially if you are not allowed to enter the premises. However, this is not a complete solution, as you will still be able to gamble online. It is therefore best to find healthy replacement activities. This might include exercising, joining a support group, or spending more time with loved ones. You can also speak to a mental health counselor who specializes in addiction. This person will help you figure out ways to overcome your addiction and regain stability in your life. They will also teach you coping strategies that can be used in real-life situations.